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Torsion springs are used to produce torque or accumulate rotational energy in an assembly construction. A torsion spring is typically mounted on a mandrel. The mandrel is dimensioned so there is just enough of a gap between the mandrel and the inner side of the spring body. There must not be too much or too little gap between the mandrel and the spring body. If there is too much gap, the spring body may collapse, and if there is too little of a gap the spring body may lock onto the mandrel when loaded. The spring must always be loaded in the direction that allows the spring body to “close”. Right or left wound springs can be chosen, so that they can be mounted in pairs on a mandrel.

All standard torsion springs are available as either right or left coiled.

Info box
Wire diameter (d): 0,0161 in - 0,1350 in
Outer diameter (De): 0,1882 in - 1,1618 in
Inner diameter (Di): 0,1559 in - 0,9083 in
Leg position: 120° - 210° - 300°
Info box
Wire diameter (d): 0,0118 in - 0,1350 in
Outer diameter (De): 0,0929 in - 1,7551 in
Inner diameter (Di): 0,0693 in - 1,4850 in
Leg position: 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°

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