Disc springs

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Disc springs are a good choice in structures where high strength is required but space is limited. By combining several disc springs in layers it is possible to achieve varying force and travel.

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Outer diameter (De): 0,2362 in - 9,8425 in
Inner diameter (Di): 0,1260 in - 5,0000 in
Thickness (t): 0,0079 in - 06299 in
Maximum Force (F): 5,8450 lbs - 86105,6467 lbs
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Outer diameter (De): 0,2362 in - 4,4094 in
Inner diameter (De): 0,1260 in - 2,2441 in
Thickness (t): 0,0118 in - 0,1969 in
Maximum Force (F): 20,0642 lbs - 6434,3017 lbs

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