Die springs

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Die springs are painted compression springs of rectangular wire. The paint has no protective effect, but instead provides a colour code for identifying the force of that particular die spring.

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Minimum hole (Dh): 0,3937 in - 2,4803 in
Maximum shaft (Dd): 0,1969 in - 1,4961 in
Free length (L0): 0,9843 in - 12,0079 in
Spring constant (r): 22,8406 lb/in - 4048,4943 lb/in
Info box
Minimum hole (Dh): 0,3752 in - 2,0000 in
Maximum shaft (Dd): 0,1870 in - 1,0000 in
Free length (L0): 1,0000 in - 12,0000 in
Spring constant (r): 6,2812 lb/in - 3814,3783 lb/in

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