M-Struts - Mechanical "Gas Spring"


Piston = Steel, which is nitride-treated - resistant to corrosion.
Cylinder = Steel, painted black
Wire spring = Spring steel, Chrome Silicon Alloy

Working temperature between -40 ºC og +200 ºC


Ø1 = Piston Rod diameter
Ø2 = Tube diameter
L1 = Stroke
L2 = Unloaded length between thread
L3 = Tube length excl. thread
G2 = Thread, piston rod
1 N = 0,10197 Kg
1 Kg = 9,80665 N


M-Struts - mechanical "gas spring" resembles a conventional compression gas spring. From its appearance, you cannot tell the difference, but inside the gas and gaskets have been replaced by an ordinary wire compression spring.
 The wire spring gives M-Struts a regular linear force curve - in contrast to the flatter force curve of conventional gas springs. As M-Struts has no oil in the cylinder, it is not dampened in the last portion of its full extension.
M-struts Illustration

Fitting And Use

M-Struts is used instead of gas springs in structures subject to impacts and vibrations. M-Struts may be used to great advantage in dirty and dusty environments, where a gas spring would suffer leakage due to its surroundings.

M-Struts is a good choice in structures where its function is used only rarely - such as emergency exits. M-Struts can cope with being subjected to loads over a prolonged period without being moved.

M-Struts must not be used as a stop, but should be incorporated so that it is controlled and limited by the movement of the structure. The product is also useful for very heavy structures, where great forces are required. The standard range does not, however, cover this aspect. For this we can custom-design an M-Strut for the purpose.

This will always be based on the particular problem.

Our large range of End Fittings can also be used on M-Struts - and provide great flexibility in installation.



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