Material description for spring wire

Overview of the most popular types of spring wire.

Examples illustrating the use of different wire variants:

Piano wire - springs that are mounted indoors in a stable environment without damp or high temperatures. This spring wire is not rust-proof.

Stainless steel spring wire - used e.g. for high temperatures, in damp environments and in the food industry.

Pre-galvanised spring wire - if the spring is used outdoors or in damp environments, pre-galvanised wire is useful.

Electro-galvanised spring wire - if the spring is to be shiny, a spring made of piano wire can be subsequently electro-galvanised. This surface is shiny and offers a limited degree of rust protection. Please note that the electro-galvanisation process can cause acid brittleness in the wire.

Hastelloy and Inconel - if the spring is to be used in the offshore industry, an acid-proof, corrosion-resistant material is chosen. This might be Hastelloy or Inconel. Hastelloy and Inconel are more precious materials that are less commonly seen.

Temperatures - if the spring is , for example, subjected to very high temperatures, over +120 degrees, stainless steel spring wire is beneficial, as it can tolerate higher temperatures.


Max operating

EN 10270-1 / DH +80°C 10270-1 NFA 47-301-76 BS 5216-75 N/A AMS 5112 Spring wire 
- can be used for all spring types
EN 10270-1 / SH +80°C 10270-1 NFA 47-301-76 BS 5216-75 N/A AMS 5112 Spring wire 
- can be used for all spring types
EN 10270-2 / VDC +80°C 10270-2 N/A N/A N/A N/A Valve spring wire
- non-alloy
EN 10270-2 / VDSiCr +120°C 10270-2 N/A 2803 685A55HD N/A 6150 Valve spring wire
- alloy
EN 10270-2 / VDCrV +120°C 10270-2 N/A N/A N/A N/A Valve spring wire
- alloy
1.4310 +270°C 10270-3 Z12CN17.07 301S21 2330 302 Stainless steel V2A
1.4301 +250°C N/A Z6CN18.09 304S15 2332 304 Stainless steel V2A
1.4401 +300°C 10270-3 Z6CND17.11 316S31 2347 316 Stainless steel V4A
- non-magnetic
1.4436 +300°C N/A Z6CND17.12 316S16 2343 316 Stainless steel V4A
- slightly magnetic
1.4539 +300°C 10088 Z1NCDU25.20 N/A 2562 904 L Stainless steel V4A
- non-magnetic
1.4568 +350°C 10270-3 Z8CNA17.07.01 301S81 2388 631 Stainless steel V4A
1.4571 +300°C 10270-3 Z6CNDT17.12 320S31 2350 316Ti Stainless steel V4A
CW507L +60°C 12166 N/A N/A N/A N/A Brass wire
CW452K +60°C 12166 N/A N/A N/A N/A Bronze wire
CW101C +80°C 12166 N/A N/A N/A N/A Copper beryllium wire
2.4610 +450°C N/A N/A 3076 NA 45 N/A 5698 / 5699 Hastelloy C4 
- non-magnetic
2.4669 +600°C N/A N/A HR 505 N/A AMS 5698 Inconel X750 
- non-magnetic
2.4632 +500°C N/A N/A BS 3075 (NA19) N/A N/A Nimonic 90
Duratherm +600°C N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Duratherm

The online shop has various spring wire types, from 0.20 mm to 5.00 mm in wire diameter.

Other alloys, lengths and sizes of spring wire can be ordered to your own specification in cooperation with our technical department.

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