What is the difference between Raymond and ISO die springs?

The basic difference is quality.

The Raymond die spring is the "Rolls Royce" of die springs - although the ISO die spring is very good quality.

ISO die springs are manufactured in accordance with ISO 10243.

Raymond die springs are made from chrome-vanadium alloy DIN 17225 (SAE 6150). The spring is then shot peened to improve its fatigue strength and durability.

Use the table below to convert colour codes between the two series:

ISO blankGrouping hardness/spring constant Raymond
Green vaerktoj_dot_gron Minimun load - Longest travel vaerktoj_dot_blaa Blue
Blue vaerktoj_dot_blaa Medium load - medium travel vaerktoj_dot_rod Red
Red vaerktoj_dot_rod High load - short travel vaerktoj_dot_gron Bronze
Yellow vaerktoj_dot_gron Particularly high load - shortest travel vaerktoj_dot_gron Green



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